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13th Annual Homelessness Awareness March

13th Annual Homelessness Awareness March


Phoenix Society created a Volunteer Program called the Red Shirts so residents can volunteer their time, energy, and helping spirit to build social assets and re-connect with the community they live in. The Red Shirts assist the Surrey BIA, VanCity and other community organizers in the setup, maintenance and tear down of community events.

This year Phoenix participated in the Annual Homelessness Awareness March in true Phoenix Fashion; REDSHIRTS, COMMUNITY, SUPPORT and a whole lot of CONVERSATION!


Over 80 staff and residents of Phoenix Society participated in the Homelessness Awareness March on October 12th. Phoenix collected over 600 items for the Surrey Food bank and Sources, but not without building a structure out of the items first! Phoenix residents come from all walks of life, those who were personally unable to donate food items got creative and took initiative knowing how important homelessness awareness is. Residents canvassed local neighborhoods and businesses, resulting in an entire community giving and supporting. They also collaborated with other local organizations and contributed in the conversation to raise awareness of the homelessness population.

“Sources Community Resources Society is a community-based non-profit organization that provides help, encouragement and hope for individuals and families in White Rock, Surrey, Delta, Langley, and Prince George area for over forty years.

Housing Support Services is one of Sources’ programs and provides assistance to individuals experiencing or may experience housing loss. They support those who may lose their housing due to unexpected income shortfall, provide help to those already homeless secure housing, and offer short term crisis rent bank where eligible. They also assist individuals with accessing income supports to enable greater housing stability and improved well-being.

The Homelessness Awareness March addresses homelessness by raising public awareness and increase knowledge of resources in the community. Those in attendance come from different walks of life – the homeless community, businesses, government, social service organizations and community stakeholders. Despite our various perspectives, attendees stand unified to promote awareness of the growing plight of homelessness in our community and the growing need to find solutions.”

As a community they marched, they marched for a cause and to reduce stigma not only for homelessness but addiction and mental health as well.  Big thank you to  #sources  for getting the community together for a passionate cause.