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DFS Vancouver – Women of Phoenix

DFS Vancouver – Women of Phoenix

In August, the women of The Phoenix Society participated in the Dress for Success event brought by RBC #HopeandStyleDay.  Thank you Dress for Success Vancouver, 8 of our women ended this wonderful day with a new outlook on life and a new hope to achieve success while sharing a bit of who they are in the process. The photographer of the event shared a message for the women and staff ;


“The little pieces of their stories that they shared have stayed with me:  

It was a privilege to take photos of each of you. Many of you shared a piece of your stories with me. I found your hopes, plans and passion to give back truly inspiring. At the time I wasn’t sure which agency you were attending with, and it was only after you all left that I learned you were came from the Phoenix Society – a place my family member was within the last year. She checked herself out after just a few days at the Phoenix Society and she died in early June. Hope is something she just didn’t have. I wish you all, all the best as you pursue your best and highest hopes in life. I sincerely hope that you will connect again someday soon and share the next chapter of your story with us at Dress for Success Vancouver.”