Youth and Young Adult Treatment

If you are 17-24 and seeking support with substance use and mental health, we can help.

You are Welcome.


Phoenix Society provides mental health and substance use support to individuals to enhance well-being. We do this by addressing the social determinants of health and by fostering stronger community connections and inclusion. We meet people where they’re at and create a safe environment to take action towards their goals. Our programs and services span prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery, housing, employment, community inclusion, health care and education.


This 3 month live-in treatment program includes individual, group and family therapy (when appropriate) using a variety of different treatment modalities. The program also includes opportunities to build community and connections through recreational therapy, music therapy and more. Through individualized treatment plans, we support male-identifying, nonbinary, and two-spirited individuals between the ages of 17-24 on their recovery journey. This program is located at Phoenix Society Main Campus in Surrey, BC.


3 month live-in program (with a possibility to extend to 6 months)
Male-identifying, nonbinary, and
two-spirited individuals
Youth and young adults between
the ages of 17-24
Individual, group and family therapy
Housing and food provided
Flexible intake, reach out anytime
Open to BC residents


We offer a safe environment where clients can stay focused on their goals. In addition to treatment, clients can access:

🏋️‍♀️ sports and gym equipment

🏊‍♀️ Recreation therapy

🎵 Music therapy

🎓 Education and employment

🧘‍♂️  Cultural engagement

📋  Case management

🤝 Social work

🏓 Gaming and recreational activities

🥘 Sharing meals


Many people come to Phoenix after they have tried a few other treatment programs. Phoenix’s young adult program is unique because it offers everything clients may need in one place, including a medical clinic, a supportive community, and care from a multi-disciplinary team including addictions physicians, psychiatry professionals, primary care doctors, nurses, counsellors and therapists. We also offer Opioid Agonist Therapy and have an onsite pharmacy.

Our knowledgeable and nonjudgmental staff are available 24/7 on site. Phoenix’s aftercare team works with every client to ensure that they have what they need on their journey after they leave. Our strengths-based approach and trauma informed practice support individuals on their journey to greater wellbeing.


If you or someone you know is interested, reach out today to [email protected]. A referral is required, but the Phoenix team is here to help you navigate this process. You can download a referral form and client participation form at the link in the QR code or by clicking the button below.

Phoenix offers a pre-admission meeting via phone or video
conference to answer any questions you may have. Get
in touch with our team for any support needed.


Once enrolled, clients work directly with Phoenix Intake Specialists to understand exactly what they can expect before arriving for the program. Our team lets clients know what they can bring to treatment and walks each person through the admission process.

We work hard to make it a stress-free process and ensure everyone has the support they need. Our team is always available to answer questions and talk about what to expect ahead of arrival.

Contact us to learn more about treatment for substance use.