Our facilities are carefully designed inclusive spaces in our community that allow our residents to flourish and recover in a meaningful way. Our aim is to address the root causes of issues that lead to addiction, declining mental health and homelessness, crime and unemployment rather than their symptoms.

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Phoenix Centre

The Phoenix Centre is the Society’s first design prototype of an integrated addiction services centre based on a collaborative community social and economic development model.

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Quibble Creek

Quibble Creek offers additional services to people facing mental-health issues, substance misuse or homelessness.

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Rising Sun Villas

The Rising Sun Project acknowledges that all citizens in our city need a home. It also challenges us to change our collective thinking about the root causes of homelessness.

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Social Innovation Centre

The Centre, Gallery space and large Community Gardens are designed as interactive spaces that promote the social, cultural and economic well-being for Surrey residents.

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Post Treatment Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides a safe, structured, affordable, post-treatment transition housing program and a supportive, empowering community for both men and women.

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Sweat Lodge

A unique partnership with two aboriginal Elders, Old Hands and Alannah Atley, established the Raven Healing Grounds at the rear of the Phoenix Centre property in a beautiful natural setting under towering trees.

Our goal is to offer meaningful connections and sustainable solutions to the problems of addiction and homelessness in the community.