Rising Sun Villas

Socially innovative design for affordable home ownership in Surrey

Rising Sun, located on the edge of downtown Surrey, is a unique project offering…

Shared Equity Home Ownership

The Rising Sun Project acknowledges that all citizens in our city need a home. It also challenges us to change our collective thinking about the root causes of homelessness.

In response to continued interest from participants wanting to find a way into home ownership, the Phoenix Society — in conjunction with VanCity — has developed ways to offset many of the usual barriers to home purchase.

The Shared Equity Home Ownership at Rising Sun represents a new model for a community. Aimed at individuals who are making positive changes in their lives and who value community participation, Rising Sun gives them a way to enter the real estate market.

Social Innovation Centre for Community Well-being

The Social Innovation Centre, Gallery space and large Community Gardens are designed as interactive spaces that promote the social, cultural and economic well-being of Surrey residents. They also contribute to creating an inclusive and socially just city by:

  • Drawing on the deep expertise of disciplines and sectors for research and design of socially innovative approaches in the areas of public health, education, literacy, financial literacy, housing, addictions, and criminal justice.
  • Experimenting with new approaches, refining our existing practices and bringing powerful tools to bear to solve some of the most pressing challenges our city faces.

For more information on this innovative development, please contact us to learn more.

Location and Contacts

For more information contact admin@phoenixsociety.com,
or call 604-583-7166 ext. 3532.

Rising Sun is located at 13969-100 Avenue, Surrey, BC.