From What’s Wrong to What’s Strong

Phoenix Participants

The Phoenix Society fosters a healthy community free of substance misuse where participants are able to:

Feel Valued as
Community Members

Actively engaged in recovery & growth.

Realize Their Strengths
and Potential

Deserving of good health, free of substance misuse.

Thrive in a Positive
Learning Community

Experiencing reciprocal, positive human relationships.

Since our founding in Surrey, British Columbia, in 1989* we have worked with more than 30,000 participants.

30,000 STRONG

Uncovered Strengths

Some 82% of our participants between 2014 and 2015 finished the addiction services program, without returning to substance misuse.

Participants achieved this success even while facing challenges like homelessness and criminal charges.

Phoenix promotes health and wellness in the community by creating inclusive learning spaces where participants uncover their strengths and realistically appraise their challenges. Then, they move to action planning with the support they need to advance toward fulfilling their life goals.

Impressive Achievements

Participants also achieved the following impressive goals:

6 of 10 receiving employment assistance achieved full time work
4 of 10 returned to school to improve their employability
9 of 10 resolved criminal justice involvement successfully
9 of 10 built a positive, supportive network of friends living in recovery
9 of 10 graduating to post-treatment housing built skills and confidence in living in recovery and achieved housing stability of more than six months
9 of 10 contributed to their local community through volunteerism

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Addiction Counsellor, Sarah Hope

Sarah Hope

21 Mar 2018

Interest in the study of human behaviour as it is shaped by society and in turn affects the social contexts in which ...

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Governance and Executive Assistant, Veronica Muniak

Veronica Muniak

05 Feb 2018

Veronica Muniak has had a lifetime of lived experience that has helped her move forward in the addiction recovery fie...

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Employment Program Manager, Myla McInnis

Myla McInnis

22 Jan 2018

Can someone who has been homeless or been addicted to alcohol or drugs find a job?This isn’t just a philosophical que...

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Substance Use Counsellor, Bill Dunne

Bill Dunne

08 Jan 2018

In his 26 years as a substance use counsellor — 14 of them at Phoenix — Bill Dunne calculates he’s worked with more t...

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Ryan Bathgate, Addictions Counselor at Phoenix Society.

Ryan Bathgate

22 Dec 2017

Ryan Bathgate has a diploma as a professional counsellor and a certificate as an addictions worker. But his most impo...

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Rashidi Yesufu, STAR Addictions Counsellor

Rashidi Yesufu

22 Sep 2017

When Rashidi Yesufu started working at Phoenix four years ago, he was a residential program assistant. He remembers b...

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Shannon Wilcox, LUNAR Counsellor with Phoenix Society

Shannon Wilcox

15 Sep 2017

Shannon Wilcox, a counsellor who started with Phoenix in March 2017, is excited to be working with Phoenix Society’s ...

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Gail Olson, Manager of Operations and Special Events

Gail Olson

08 Sep 2017

Gail Olson will never forget the time she stood on the balcony of the Rising Sun Villas with a recovering addict who ...

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From What’s Wrong to
What’s Strong

Our integrated services model provides:

  • early-recovery residential addiction services,
  • employment and educational assistance,
  • longer-term post-treatment transitional housing, and
  • home ownership opportunities

These are the key building blocks participants need to exit the cycle of addiction and homelessness.

If you are interested in becoming free of substance misuse within a supportive community, and gaining access to resources that will help you achieve your life goals, let us help you shift your focus from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

Phoenix Society Circle of Strength

Community Initiatives

Phoenix Society is dedicated to social innovation through community initiatives.

Phoenix Programs

A strengths-based approach which helps you shift focus
from what’s wrong to what’s strong.

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*Phoenix Society incorporated as a non-profit society and registered charity in 1992.