Social Innovation Centre

The Social Innovation Centre was opened in 2015. The Centre, Gallery space and large Community Gardens are designed as interactive spaces that promote the social, cultural and economic well-being for Surrey residents. They also contribute to creating an inclusive and socially-just city in a number of ways.

  • Art Gallery Space
  • Meeting Rooms on two levels
  • Workshop and Community Meeting Space
  • Kitchen
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Community Garden

This includes drawing on the deep expertise of disciplines and sectors for research and design of socially innovative approaches in the areas of public health, education, literacy, financial literacy, housing, addictions, and criminal justice. It also promotes inclusiveness through experimenting with new approaches, refining our existing practices and bringing powerful tools to solve some of the most pressing challenges our city faces.

Email [email protected] to rent the area or room.


Social Innovation Centre
13959 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC

Our goal is to offer meaningful connections and sustainable solutions to the problems of addiction and homelessness in the community.