The Nest

The Nest is a one-of-its- kind space, as it offers harm-reduction-based supportive housing and recovery based housing harmoniously in one building. This 40-unit housing program provides individuals the ability to live an independent yet supportive lifestyle. Sixteen of these units are designated as supportive recovery units and are available to those who have recently completed a treatment program and are at risk of homelessness.

CRF | Community Residential Facilities

When people interact with the criminal justice system, it’s important to have support to thrive back in the community. Chief among these supports are a safe and appropriate place to stay and people who check in on how you’re doing. Phoenix provides both. For those who leave the criminal justice system at an advanced age, there can be additional concerns and challenges, including complex medical conditions. A portion of our community residential facility beds are reserved for this population, where they receive specialized support from medical staff.

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Post Treatment Transitional Housing

As program recipients transition out of live-in recovery treatment, we know how important it is for them to have a safe place to land, where they can maintain the gains they’ve made towards their wellness goals. Our transitional housing programs do just that, providing individuals with the ability to live independently, but with specialized supports within reach when they need them.

Adult Treatment

Phoenix recognizes the co-occurrence of mental health and substance use challenges, and the importance of treating both simultaneously. This program supports men and women aged 19 and over who are facing the concurrent challenges of mental health stabilization and healthier management of substance use. We offer specialized, evidence-based approaches in a live-in setting, so clients get the care and support they need.

Abbotsford HUB

In April 2020, Phoenix Society merged with the Positive Living Fraser Valley Society (PLFV), based out of Abbotsford. The decision to bring our organizations together was a simple one; Partnerships are critical in creating a community that supports and serves everyone. Phoenix Society has since become the anchor agency of the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre which opened its doors in late 2019, providing a wrap-around model of care for those experiencing health, and social challenges.

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PKLC | Phoenix Kwantlen Learning Centre

To support ongoing education and employment opportunities for everyone, Phoenix partners with Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Options (WorkBC). Kwantlen empowers adult learners to re-enter education and the labor market through individualized assessment and instruction in English and Math. The Options resource centre provides employment counselling, and when clients are ready, they help them with their job search.

Little House

Little House is an in-Delta, for-Delta resource where local residents, city workers and first responders can access clinical intervention, support, counselling and referral. This accessible facility includes a comfortable counselling space and two meeting rooms that accommodate recovery group meetings, workshops, and educational sessions.

Youth and Young Adult Substance Use Treatment Program

Everything we do is data-driven, and data shows that young men in BC are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the negative impacts of substance use. Launched in 2023, this
program provides specialized live-in treatment for young men aged 17-24, considering the unique contexts and challenges these individuals might face on their journey.

Our goal is to offer meaningful connections and sustainable solutions to the problems of addiction and homelessness in the community.