Phoenix Society Community Garden

Phoenix works to be a supporting pillar in Surrey and in the lives of people we provide service to. Sustainability and integration are key components in establishing our place in the community.

A sandbox for children, harvest table and paved flex space is included in our Phoenix Community Garden. 50% of plots are tended by Phoenix participants, and the rest available to local community members and organizations to help increase food security and enhance access to nutritious fruits and vegetables, with outdoor farming allowing for social distancing.

The garden will also host targeted programming for those who are marginalized, including those in recovery, living in poverty, seniors, and unhoused individuals.

The Phoenix Community Garden is seen as a joint collaboration of the Phoenix Society along with Surrey citizens and the City of Surrey. Located on lands adjacent to existing common walking trails in a greenway, the gardens were strategically designed for social inclusion as a widely welcoming community engagement space to facilitate community connection, dialogue and exchange through a variety of activities and events including community meetings, educational classes, farmer’s markets where garden produce would be shared, celebrations of artistic works by local community artisans and musicians, and talks by gardeners and food sustainability leaders.

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Our goal is to offer meaningful connections and sustainable solutions to the problems of addiction and homelessness in the community.