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Phoenix Society CEO appointed to Surrey Community Services Committee

Phoenix Society CEO appointed to Surrey Community Services Committee

SURREY – Phoenix Society CEO Keir Macdonald has been chosen to sit on the City of Surrey’s newly established Surrey Community Services Committee.

According to the terms of reference, the new Standing Committee aims to support priority populations and recognize the important relationship and partnership between the City and the community-based social services sector. Furthermore, the committee’s aim includes advocating for, supporting and monitoring comprehensive approaches that respond to persistent social challenges in Surrey (including homelessness, mental health and addictions).

“I’m excited to have been chosen to sit on this committee and hope to provide meaningful insight into the social challenges many members of our community are facing,” said Macdonald. “This is a vital time to examine how we approach key issues like community safety and how we balance that with support for our most marginalized members of society.”

Keir has served as Phoenix Society’s CEO since 2018 and prior to taking on this role, he represented the community of Surrey for close to a decade in other capacities including in a senior leadership role with another social service agency and prior to that with BC Housing.

“As the leader of Phoenix Society, I bring a particular perspective and expertise which I believe can help guide innovative and proactive solutions to these issues,” Macdonald added. “We have a long way to go to truly support individuals experiencing homelessness or those who struggle with mental illness and substance use in Surrey, and beyond. I hope to be part of the ongoing conversation and ultimately, solutions.”

Since 1989, Phoenix Society has grown from an idea, to its first recovery programs and is now a multi-faceted, integrated service provider that offers a variety of programs and support services. Today, our organization is recognized for its vision and contribution to changes in public policy and leadership in the areas of social innovation and community development, that has furthered our goal of a more inclusive community. A key purpose of our Surrey-based Society is to provide housing and support services for people at multiple entry points on the continuum; we develop community-based projects that meet people where they are at, helping participants exit the cycle of addiction and homelessness and are regarded as having amongst the best outcomes in British Columbia. 

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