Well this is my second time here and it has been very different from the last time. I have been clean now for 6 months and WOW is it great.
At the end of the day, a lot of them [Residents] have thanked me for being there. They knew I wasn’t there just to get my pay cheque and that I actually care. To me, it’s never been just a job.
I like to think of us as a tribe, the goal of a peaceful existence is our fire in the middle of the room.
I can say with confidence that this is , by far, the most influential centre with which I have worked. WORK it is, not without notable life altering rewards though. I have never finished a full set of 12 anonymous steps, but the model of recovery that is shared here [Phoenix] had lead me to living the steps on a daily basis.
My personal experience since I've been here will impact me inspirationally for the rest of my life. Myself and others have come from a pitiful, incomprehensible, and a demoralizing way of life. Here being clean and sober is, indeed, a vision of hope.
My time there allowed me to overcome my fears and anxiety and to regain my mental well-being. I can’t say enough how great this program is and how important it is to have this type of housing available.
I lost my job, my home, my family and friends to my addiction. Now I have a good future ahead of me.

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