Youth and Young Adult Treatment

Located on the Phoenix Society Main Campus the Provincial Specialized Substance Use Treatment Program for Youth and Young Adults provides support and education to males ages 17 – 24 and will provide treatment for those whose needs have not been successfully addressed in less intensive settings. We recognize that recovery is a personal, non-linear journey rather than an end point. Individuals determine for themselves what a meaningful life looks like and are supported with developing life skills, accessing confidence building programs and a holistic approach to reconnecting to meaningful activity.

The goals of this specialized program are to:

  • provide evidence-based treatment, education and support to address and reduce substance use;
  • Improve overall health, including mental health and social wellbeing of our clients.
  • reduce possible criminal activity and;
  • reduce the risk of death due to overdose and infections.

The program offers stabilization and therapeutic/treatment supports by providing:

  • Individualized treatment planning, meeting our clients where they are and supporting their recovery journey.
  • Collaboration within the client’s care teams, involving both Phoenix’s Multi Disciplinary Team and those within the client’s circle of care.
  • Active involvement of family and other persons’ of importance.
  • Music Therapy
  • Recreation Therapy
  • Strengths-based recovery-oriented model that is evidence based and client led.
  • Trauma-informed practices and culturally safe care for all.

Prior to arrival the Phoenix Society Intake Specialists are connected with the client to provide guidance on what to expect when they arrive. Clients are given guidance on what to bring to treatment, we explain our admission process and give support to the client for their arrival. At Phoenix Society we aim to provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to the treatment services by encouraging active involvement with family and identified support persons if the client wishes. We offer opportunity to focus on community connections both with social and cultural communities with a holistic and inclusive lens.

Our Treatment program offers a wide range of supports during a client stay, including access to a Multi-Disciplinary team of Nurses, Councilors, Music Therapist and Recreation Therapy along with a team of support persons to assist the client through their journey and beyond via our after care team.

If you, or someone you know maybe interested in accessing the Provincial Specialized Substance Use Treatment Program for Adults please reach out at [email protected] or visit BCMHSUS services website for referral instructions.

Contact us to learn more about treatment for substance use.