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Phoenix Society receives $15,000 from Surrey Homelessness and Housing to explore ‘Housing and Recovery Hub’

Phoenix Society is proud to announce it has received a $15,000 grant to explore the establishment of a Surrey Housing and Recovery Hub at our Social Innovation Centre.

“We thank Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society for providing this funding that will allow Phoenix Society to conduct market research, visioning work and develop a business case for this project,” said Keir Macdonald, CEO of Phoenix Society.  “If our proposed location is deemed suitable, we intend to transform the space into a Surrey Housing and Recovery Hub for marginalized individuals, offering a variety of peer support, life skills and therapeutic programing, training opportunities, in-reach services, meal programs, and connections to crucial resources in the community.”

In the midst of the incredible shortage of below market housing opportunities and the drug poisoning crisis, Phoenix Society’s envisioned Surrey Housing and Recovery Hub would support those who are working to reconnect with and reintegrate into community from a variety of touchpoints, including those currently unhoused, those living in local shelters, those in recovery programs, and those who are low income or experiencing housing instability.

The “Recovery Community Centre” (RCC) model that has been successful with over 100 locations in the United States is one Phoenix Society is further exploring to deliver services in a peer-driven environment with navigation to supports to break cycles of homelessness and addiction by creating a sense of belonging and identity. In addition to providing one-on-one recovery and housing searches, coaching, skill-building workshops, targeted support groups, recreation opportunities, would all be part of the various programs delivered at such a facility.

“The Surrey Housing and Recovery Hub would be a safe place for individuals seeking recovery from homelessness, substance use, mental health challenges and other barriers to stable housing. While the project is only in the exploratory phase right now, it’s one we see tremendous need for – and value in. A Surrey Housing and Recovery Hub would be a place to build community, trust, connection and ultimately, move people forward,” explained Macdonald.

“We’re so pleased to support this project with a grant to help get it off the ground and moving forward through visioning, research and business planning work,” said Councillor Laurie Guerra, President, Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society. “This innovative, community-based model will provide people with connection to housing and other crucial services to help them move forward. We’re so glad to be a part of the positive impact this project will create in our community.”

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