Phoenix Society’s LUNAR program for Women

Residential addiction treatment available in Surrey, BC

The word LUNAR stands for Living United in Naturally-Assisted Recovery.

What is LUNAR?

LUNAR is an evidence-based, Tier 4 addiction treatment program for women located at 13686 - 94A Avenue in Surrey, across from Surrey Memorial Hospital. LUNAR supports women who are in need of residential treatment for serious substance use concerns, and is able to support women who also have concurrent disorders. The program capacity is 18 women at a time.

LUNAR is a participant-centered program with an average length of stay from three to six months based on individualized client goals and treatment plans.

LUNAR stands for: Living United in Naturally Assisted Recover

LUNAR was developed by, and is operated by, the Phoenix Society, specifically for women's treatment of drug and alcohol addiction issues.

What can you expect at LUNAR?

  • Participants can expect staff to be welcoming, accepting, and non-judgmental.
  • The philosophy at the Phoenix Society is positive, strengths-based, and participant-centered, with a vision of everyone thriving in strong, healthy, supportive communities.
  • The focus of treatment is ultimately on healing and restoration through the development and fostering of healthy relationships, while supporting individuals to identify and build on their own unique strengths, resilience, and personal values.
  • Support while in the program, individualized planning for program completion and aftercare support upon completion or leaving the program

Phoenix uses a trauma-informed practice model which is reflected in all aspects of the program, the staffing model, and the overall culture.

What services are offered through LUNAR?

  • Individualized counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Relapse prevention support
  • Peer support
  • Medical support
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Job readiness training
  • Skills development training
  • Employment opportunities
  • High school completion
  • Continuing education classes
  • Humanities 101
  • Recreational therapy
  • 3 nutritious meals daily
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Family program
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Aftercare planning/support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Access to transitional housing

What are the costs to attend the LUNAR program?

LUANR participants can be referred by a health professional or apply directly to this program.

LUNAR has a cost of $40.00 on a per-diem basis. However, this cost is covered for participants referred by a health professional through the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Provincial Substance Use Treatment Program.

In all cases, Residents will need to provide their personal spending money.

What is the Provincial Substance Use Treatment Program?

The Provincial BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services provides funding for structured, supportive residential treatment services for men and women through the Provincial Substance Use Treatment Program.

Clients must be 19 years of age or older, have a primary concern of substance use and show patterns of substance use that have not been successfully addressed at the community level. The program is 90 days with 6-12 months of aftercare support.

Services are contracted to Phoenix Society in Surrey and Cedars at Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island. Twenty of the beds are provided through the Phoenix Society. Cedars at Cobble Hill is providing the other 10 beds.

A referral through the Regional Health Authority is needed to access this program. Services provided include:

  • Assessment
  • Stabilization
  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Family programs
  • Alternative Therapies

Applying to LUNAR through the Provincial Substance Use Treatment Program

A referral through the Regional Health Authority is needed to attend LUNAR through the Provincial Substance Use Treatment Program.

Applying directly to LUNAR

Self-referrals are also welcome. Download the LUNAR Prescreen form.

For more information contact or call 604-951-1122, option “1”.

What is the staff team for LUNAR?

LUNAR provides an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to supporting participants and their individualized treatment goals. The care team includes:

  • Director of Programs
  • Senior Clinician
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Manager of Addictions
  • 2 Counsellors
  • Outreach Worker
  • Admissions Program Assistant
  • Addictions Physician
  • Recreation Therapist
  • Executive Chef

What is the LUNAR facility like?

The LUNAR program is located on the south end of third floor of the Quibble Creek Building designed by dys Architects and opened in 2008. It is a bright and welcoming building. The north end of the floor contains 12 transitional housing suites for women. The third floor has access only for women in LUNAR or in Transitional Housing and staff.

The LUNAR section of the third floor contains 6 double occupancy rooms and two triple occupancy rooms. Each of the rooms have a bathroom. There is a group room, a counsellors office, a medication room, a laundry, and a communal balcony.

On the fourth floor of Quibble Creek there is a nursing office that LUNAR women can access. The Outreach worker is located on the second floor of Quibble Creek. On the main floor of the Quibble Creek building women in the LUNAR program can access the Admission's office for mail and information and the Lounge - a room open to all Phoenix residents to connect with each other socially.

Across from Quibble Creek is the Phoenix Centre which provides the dining room for LUNAR participants, the senior clinician's counselling office, the family visiting room, the Kwantlen education classrooms, ASTEP employment programs, EMBERS job placement resource and meeting space and recreational space.

At the back of the Phoenix property is the Sweat Lodge that is operated by Aboriginal elders on Sunday's for women and men.

Where is the LUNAR facility located?

LUNAR is located in the Quibble Creek Building at 13670-94A Avenue in Surrey.