Donate In Memory Of A Loved One

Help open the door to recovery. Give the gift of hope.

Donating to Phoenix Society was very personal for Kathleen.

Kathleen stumbled across a CNN story about a knitting group at Phoenix Society and felt compelled to donate in her daughter Molly’s honour.

Molly died of overdose four years ago at the age of 23 after a few times in treatment. The young woman had come out as trans just over a year before her passing.

“Molly had been in and out of treatment for a couple of years and your programs look amazing,” Kathleen said of Phoenix Society’s continuum of care. “Just the holistic approach: 90 days of initial treatment, addressing mental health and housing insecurity. It sounds like the kind of program she would have benefited from.”

Kathleen described her daughter as someone who felt the pain of the world herself.

“I always said she didn’t have the barriers between herself and other people. The pain of the world was hard for her. She was very empathetic and felt things so deeply,” she said.

Kathleen looks for ways to give back each year around the anniversary of her daughter’s passing, as well as at Christmastime.

“I always try and give to an individual or project that has a connection to something she’d support,” she explained.

“Whether it’s an individual I know who is in the LGBTQ community who I know needs help or things she would have supported.”

Kathleen said Molly would have loved Phoenix’s Music Therapy program.

“Molly just loved music. Music was her go-to for self-soothing. Molly was in a band and wrote her own music; did a whole album.”

Sadly, none of the programs Molly found herself in offered ongoing music programs.

“She loved music and the West Coast,” said Kathleen.

Kathleen said it was meaningful to donate to an organization like Phoenix Society in this way.

As an avid knitter, she was also happy to support the men’s ‘Loom of Life’ knitting club.

“I give to honour her memory.”

Giving in memory is a meaningful and lasting way to pay tribute to a loved one by making a positive contribution to the world in their honour.

You can tell your loved one’s next-of-kin about your donation by sending them a printed card:
Contact our Community Giving team to request yours by emailing [email protected]

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